DSB | The Native Token of the Digital Standard ecosystem

DSB, the native token of the Digital Standard (DSBC) ecosystem

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About Us


The token to fuel your financial potential.

DSB is the backbone of the DSBC decentralized financial (DeFi) ecosystem. From Cross-border remittances in seconds, to trading, saving, and earning. DSB can also be used as collateral for lending or borrowing, insurance, and providing liquidity for the largest and highest volume financial brokerages on the planet. This token was launched to allow traders to draw value from their participation in the DSBC community in several ways.

DSB is a fast, efficient network built on the Solana Blockchain. As issued, a token running on the Solana ecosystem, DSB is supported by all Solana enabled wallets,

A major benefit of DSB is, it helps “Bank the Unbanked”. DSB promotes seamless transfer of assets to family, friends and businesses globally. This Token allows people to receive funds in seconds converted in the currency of its destination at a fraction of the cost rather than using traditional bank wire or other transfer protocols.

Our currently live and functioning site where you can BUY, SELL and SWAP crypto and fiat right now is at: https://dsbc.io

Best Features


Ultra Fast & Secure

Provides lightning-fast payments and trading powered by the Solana Blockchain

Highly Scalable

Solana is one of the largest and fastest-growing blockchain platforms out there, It has excellent scalability.

Reliable & Low Cost

No more worries about expensive transaction fees. A transaction fee of less than a cent.


Token Details

The total supply of DSB was set and minted at 300 billion, and there is a planned buyback and burn until just 100 million DSB remain. The DSB token can potentially act as the governance token of the DSBC community in the future.

  • Name: DSB Token
  • Symbol: DSB
  • Decimals: 7
  • Blockchain: Solana (SPL)
  • Total Supply: 300,000,000,000
  • Contract Address: 6f74XryjYayvHRtbovcaHkHL6oEjYmGTBURiPfZXq9kF

Road Map

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are our short term milestones

AUG 2020

DSBC Website and exchange Launch

FEB 2024

DSB Token liquidity & market making partnerships

JUL 2024

DSB 2.0 Pre-Sale

SEPT 2024

DSB Token listing & public exchange launch

DEC 2024

DSBC Vault Wallet mobile app launch

FEB 2025

Physical & Digital Debit card launch

MAY 2025

DSBX - Advanced Decentralized Exchange

OCT 2025

Collateralized Crypto Lending - Cash, Home, Auto

DEC 2025

Begin acquisition activity for global expansion

FEB 2026

Stablecoin Launches - USDSB, EURDS, MEXDS, BRLDS


A unique feature of the DSB ecosystem is the DSB Bonus, an exclusive reward system tailored for DSB holders and contributors. By holding just 5,000 DSB, users can tap into daily rewards sourced from DSBC’s daily fee revenue. The magnitude of these rewards correlates with the DSB quantity in your wallet and the overall transaction volume within the ecosystem.

Moreover, DSB isn’t just about earning; it’s also about saving. Users can receive a 10% discount on transaction fees on the DSBC trading platform if they opt for DSB tokens as payment. The more DSB you hold, the bigger the discounts and benefits. From rewards based on trading volume to cashback rebates on select services, DSB ensures that its holders always have an edge.

Additionally, hodlers get exclusive access to a plethora of offerings like random token airdrops: Because who doesn’t like surprises and free tokens? Elite Club: For those holding over 10,000,000 DSB, a world of luxury awaits. Early product access, a dedicated VIP concierge, exclusive event entries, and even access to luxury vacation properties.

Frequently asked questions

DSB token is the native asset of Digital Standard’s decentralized digital financial ecosystem as well as potential governance token of the DSBC community in the future.

You can buy DSB soon in our next pre-sale, register above to get discounted DSB before public launch.

If you are signed up for an Airdrop, want to deposit DSB or are expecting DSB , the easiest way is to create a DSB account with us and have your assets sent to your address.


The information shown is provided for your information only and does not constitute investment advice nor an offer to sell. DSB Tokens are functional utility tokens designed for use on the DSBC.io platform and ecosystem. DSB Tokens are not shares, bonds, units in a collective investment scheme, securities, or other instruments commonly known as securities of any type. DSB Tokens are not being offered to United States Persons. DSB Tokens are not available in the United States, Canada, OFAC sanctioned jurisdictions or in other jurisdictions as may be specified by DSBC from time to time.